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T&T Athlete

Our advanced training program is specially designed to help athletes and professionals achieve greater strength, speed, flexibility and balance by integrating martial arts with strength training. Mixing strength and martial arts takes athletic performance of all kinds to the next level.

Martial Arts

You know how you can “tell” when an athlete has been trained in martial arts? They move differently. Carry themselves in a way that conveys they are confident in their own ability to perform.  Confidence, discipline, flexibility and speed are the hallmarks of martial arts training which is developed from time-honored methods.  

When a well-trained martial artists steps into a different sport, they stand out in the field.Their unique skills enhance their strength, speed and flexibility in ways that get noticed.
Join our unique program designed to add martial arts to your existing sports training and realize new levels of skill and performance.

Weight Training for Peak Athleticism

Our weight training program is different. Like every other strength training program, you’ll grow strong, but with T&T Athlete, you’ll also gain flexibility and speed. The difference is the type of weight training we do in combination with martial arts training.  The overall program (name?) blends high level weight and strength training with martial arts techniques while incorporating advanced instruction of engineering principles to develop functionality explosive power.

This isn’t like any other program you’ve done before.  You’ll look, move and feel different using our methods.

Who Do We Train?

Athletes who need to exhibit peak performance. Coaches who want to add a layer of physical and mental sophistication and discipline that their current program does not include. Professionals who count on their own body to save lives, including their own.

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